I have always been a big dog and cat lover, and there wasn’t a time in my life that I was without both together growing up, so I am very familiar with all the quirks and uniqueness of each of their personalities they have, and respect their differences. I grew up in the country and so was able to experience having many pets growing up. I have had many varieties and sizes of dogs, from a farm pet who was part wolf, several Heinz 57’s, to a Golden Retriever, then a Westie and a Scottie.

In my days being out in the farmlands, we also had many cats, some by choice and several rescues. All were our pets and slept with us in the house. Later in life, I had an Abyssinian for many years, so as you can see, I am quite familiar with many dogs and cats in all sizes and pedigrees.

I am currently the owner of a sweet, very special Sealyham Terrier, Mollie, who lights up my life with her antics. She is friendly and loves all people from babies to the elderly; her tail wags at all the other dogs she sees and she is really good and gentle with the cats she has visited. She is also very well known by the building I live in and as usually is the case, people know the dog and name but not the owner. I am known as Mollie’s owner.

I have started this business because of my love of animals and am in the “growing pains stage” yet, but have already enjoyed the clients I have had. I hope to be available at all times during the day and up to 9pm daily in the upcoming year as I am needed.